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Louis B.
Hi Owen,

I have finally got round to looking at your keyboard short-cuts. Thanks for making these changes. However there are a number of issues with the these changes.

It might a good idea not to use the system keys (like left and right arrow) as these keys are often used navigation around the dialogs without using a mouse. (Also a purely selfish reason as I have an eeepc i have to use two hands to get PgUp -- I must press fn+PgUp together)

 may I suggest the following keys.

F1 - Play music from the start
F2 - Listen
F3 - Follow You
F4 - Play Along

F5 - Left Hand
F6 - Both Hands
F7 - Right Hand

'-'  slower by 5%
'='  faster by 5%

Also perhaps.

'space' - play from start.

I don't use play/stop much my self as I try keep going to the end or restart from the begining so we may not need this as a keyboard short cut.

I know I said don't use system keys and 'space' is a system key but I used to use this key a lot. (I left the focus on play from start button and then just hit space to activate it). May be this key could only work when the focus is on the open GL window.

Also I think change the speed should not move the focus to a different window.

this can be achieved by doing the following (decreases the speed by 5%) .

        m_topBar->setSpeed(m_topBar->getSpeed() - 5);

I have checked in a change that adds setSpeed/getSpeed method as an example to GuiTopBar.h,

Finally I think it would be worth grouping most of the keyboard short cuts together in maybe QtWindow.cpp

Please let me know what you think.