Program stop loading midi files.

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Program stop loading midi files.


Congratulations for this amazing piece of software.

I use Debian 10 and I've installed Piano Booster from the Debian repositories and it worked great, but when I tried to open a midi file that I downloaded from Internet, PB showed an error, it can't open the file:


Now every time I open PB, shows the same error. When I tried to select a lesson (downloaded from the page) it shows the same error (with the name of the midi file from the lesson), PB is not working anymore.

This are the messages from console:

locale = es_BO
Info: Opening song /home/georgeguitar/M�sica/BoosterMusicBooks/BoosterMusicBooks4/Booster Music/07-AmazingGrace.mid
ERROR: Zero tracks in SMF file
Info: Using Pianist Channels 1 + 2
Violación de segmento

Sorry about the language's messages, the OS is setup in Spanish.

Kind regards.
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Re: Program stop loading midi files.

Louis B.
So I can understand what has gone wrong. Please can you post the content of your Piano Booster.ini which is located here:  ~/.config/PianoBooster/Piano Booster.ini and then try deleting that file by following these instructions:

The logs you posted show that there is an error in the midi file. So please check that the are not corrupted
The md5sum i get are as follows.
md5sum *
63a336c7b56475425c5a93a21e0b371f  02-LavendersBlue.mid
ac33b58fb0bc917a589cedab09dac00f  03-SkipToMyLou.mid
35327472f0c72daf21fadadbe2e3402d  04-FrereJacques.mid
b119c4d80438c97a0bda98264b59f5aa  05-ScarboroughFair.mid
ed4cfc3394268422a46abecc14d94c44  06-Greensleeves.mid
a0915d01e18f11588347a7e07b0f9d28  07-AmazingGrace.mid
69997f82d581d139a4414b740c537bb0  Booster Music.pdf

If none of that works please try the appimage available from the download page on the website and or compiling from the source code.