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How to help?

Thanks for all the work on PB. I just started to learn piano and I have been looking for just this open source tool. Also, I'm very interested in trying the beginner piano course.

So I'd like to help, but not sure on what.

I'm familiar with linux and could work on an "instant-Pianobooster" live-USB flash stick. Someone posted a tentative step in that direction, but I didn't see much.

I hear having finger position indicators is helpful, perhaps adding a 0-9 next to the notes?

Or perhaps a wiki site to host the creative commons beginner course.


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Re: How to help?

Louis B.
Hi Jess,

i have done a bit more work on the music course latest results are here:

and this is the matching web

This is very much work in progress. (adding more music in abc would be great -- i can do the mma if needs be)

I have just enabled the wiki page see.

If you want to do any thing with that go ahead and edit that page.

Regarding the fingering see this post. Finishing off note name cut out would be very useful.

Once you get beyond the both thumbs on middle C stage (for that you can ether use the note name cut out or write C D E F G on the fingers of your right hand). Then there is not really a right and wrong way to use your fingers (as long as you use all your fingers). So I have never found fingering that useful. just use the fingering that you find most comfortable.

If you can and want to programme in C++ then let me know.

There is always the user manual.

If you are trying to help with anything and get stuck then please post.