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Compiling on and for older Windows versions

Mark Morgan Lloyd
I don't normally build stuff for Windows, but the only system I can feasibly run PB on is an NT laptop. My workroom is quite simply too full of systems of various architectures to move stuff around or repurpose anything. The result of this is that I have little choice but to build on a W2k system and then move the binary to NT, this note is a summary of what I found while it's still comparativley fresh in my mind.

As prerequisites, the development system already had MinGW, and I added the cmake binaries and SlikSvn. The Qt SDK won't run on W2k, the "Framework Only" variant is fine but see comment on version below. There might be a warning from the Qt installation about a MinGW .h file, this appears to be benign. Make sure all of these are on the path and that there are no other gcc variants etc., I found one hidden in my Free Pascal directory.

Both trunk and 0.6.4b build as described in BUILD.txt. However I got a Dr. Watson when I tried to run the trunk binary on NT and the 0.6.4b one wouldn't run since (working from memory) getFilePositionEx() was missing from the kernel. I downgraded from Qt 4.6.3 (current) to 4.5.3 which is the one Louis used for his last binary package, and that compiled and ran OK.

Next job is to work back through the releases to find one that runs, and then to see if Louis's valgrind fixes around revision 94 fix the lockup problems I was experiencing or failing that if I can find the code he added which log MIDI traffic.